Flamingo Land’s statement of intent with Inversion

Intamin Multi Inversion Coaster

Before its recent confirmation through a planning application, the news that Flamingo Land was set to add a 10-inversion rollercoaster was met with considerable scepticism.

Those doubts were possibly half-justified. Was an independent British theme park really likely to make an addition of sorts rarely outside of Merlin Entertainments’ large theme parks?

With the exception of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, the UK has rarely seen such significant rollercoaster additions.

Regardless of what Flamingo Land have actually paid for a ride that may have been manufactured some eight years ago – but never actually assembled – the park now seems set to add a very large and proven ride concept.

It will effectively render Thorpe Park’s Colossus – the earlier 10-inversion model ride from Intamin – as inferior.

This will especially be the case if the newer trains with lap-bar style restraints are added.

What guests want

Despite the views held by some, Flamingo Land is no small-time player in the theme park industry.

Its current guest numbers stand at over 1.5 million per year – over half that of Alton Towers.

There have been questions from theme park fans in the past when it comes to the North Yorkshire park’s ride investment choices.

But bosses clearly know what they are doing, and what their guests want.

The addition will be a highly photogenic ride that will immediately seen by guests as they approach the park.

It will likely captivate many as they walk through the entrance plaza and see the ride’s signature series of twists towards its end.

With an audience on the whole that is arguably unlikely to have experienced Colossus, it will excite many.

Inversion represents a clear statement of intent from Flamingo Land. The park are taking on the big players, and with the ride’s opening next year they are likely to get the success desire.