Pressure group revived to oppose Alton Towers growth

The group would like the gardens to be accessible to non-theme park visitors

A pressure group founded in the 1980s to monitor the expansion of Alton Towers has been revived after lying dormant for decades.

The Churnet Valley Conservation Society is concerned with the theme park’s proposed developments, including the 2013 rollercoaster currently dubbed SW7.

It also opposed the leisure complex and accommodation being planned by the resort.

They call for 200 acres of Alton Towers to be segregated from the theme park, enabling people to visit the gardens separately.

Society member John Higgins was quoted in The Sentinel newspaper as saying: “We are not against tourism, but there are two types – thrill-seekers and countryside lovers.

“We want to encourage countryside lovers. These proposed developments are looking to satisfy thrill-seekers and it will destroy the nature of what we have got here.

“We do not want Alton Towers to grow any more,” he added.