Flamingo Land: Inversion ‘to open for 2020 season’

Inversion rollercoaster, Flamingo Land

Flamingo Land expects to open its 10-inversion rollercoaster – dubbed ‘Inversion’ – for the start of the 2020 season.

Planning documents filed with Ryedale District Council describe the ride’s expected opening date.

Its track will be painted silver and mounted with black-coloured supports.

Technical drawings depict a layout consistent with the ‘Revision B’ model of Intamin’s 10-inversion variant of its ‘multi inversion rollercoaster’.

The ride will be positioned across the site of the former Corkscrew rollercoaster, and also traverse the area directly after the park’s entrance plaza.

‘Significant investment’

The planning documents describe Inversion as being a “significant investment in facilities” at Flamingo Land.

The ride is widely expected to be an unused rollercoaster originally ordered by the Brazillian theme park Hopi Hari.

That ride was delivered in 2011, but never erected due to the park’s financial difficulties, according to the RCDB website. It has remained in storage since that time.

It is not yet clear if the ride will feature the Revision B trains, which feature a lap-bar type of restraint – a change made from the over-shoulder design seen on older models such as Colossus at Thorpe Park.

Ryedale District Council is expected to announce its decision on the ride’s construction by 25 July.