Beast ride leaving Fantasy Island

The Beast, Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island has announced that the Beast flat ride will be leaving the Lincolnshire amusement park after 18 years.

The Mondial Top Scan ride was added to the Ingoldmells attraction in 2001, and was widely lauded for its running cycles.

It will be removed from the park on 1 April. It is not clear if it will operate next weekend, before being relocated overseas by park owners Mellors.

The group said that its Air Maxx 360 flat ride will be the Beast’s replacement the.

“Fantasy Island’s management would like to announce that the Beast ride will be leaving the park on 1 April,” a statement said.

“We know that the Beast has given so many visitors an exciting, stomach-churning experience during its time here at Fantasy Island, but we think that it’s only fair to share that exhilarating excitable feeling worldwide.

“We are determined to deliver customers with new exhilarating experiences year after year, to further improve Fantasy Island, ensuring it remains the best family day out on the East Coast.

“The park and its owners are committed to continuing with developments, and we hope you’re all excited to join us this season.”

Another new addition, the Ice Mountain enclosed rollercoaster, will open at the park on 6 April.

4 Comments on "Beast ride leaving Fantasy Island"

  1. You are idiots it was the best ride there you don’t want make money takeing that out of there the ride you putting in is crap.

  2. jacquelineann gee | 2 April 2019 at 14:23 |

    Good it takes my tele signel

  3. Why get rid of one of the best rides there ,the beast ,amazing confusion what next? And replaced with ancient third rate rides like magic , frisbee please get a grip !

  4. Raymond Ankers | 25 March 2019 at 23:40 |

    Sad sad day it’s the best ride along with seaqaurium

    R.I.P. BEAST 2001 To 2019

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