Alton Towers plans Dungeon attraction within park

The Dungeons, Merlin Entertainments

Alton Towers operator Merlin Entertainments is expected to add one of its Dungeon walk-through attractions to the Staffordshire theme park.

A trademark application for ‘The Alton Towers Dungeon’ was filed with the British government on 27 June.

It is not known where on the resort the Dungeon will be added, and Alton Towers has not yet made any announcement regarding the project, or any opening date.

Dungeon attractions feature actor-led scenes – or ‘shows’ – and typically incorporate local history based on their location, plus more generic British medieval history.

The original Dungeon attraction opened in London in 1976, with York following ten years later. A Dungeon was opened in Edinburgh in 2000, with further additions added to Warwick Castle and the Blackpool Tower in 2009 and 2011 respectively.