Blackpool Pleasure Beach: Wild Mouse removed

Wild Mouse Blackpool Pleasure Beach

The Wild Mouse wooden rollercoaster has been removed from Blackpool Pleasure Beach after 60 years.

Images shared across Twitter and other social media today depicted the site of the 1958-built ride clear, following dismantling.

The rollercoaster’s removal was confirmed in a Pleasure Beach statement released shortly afterwards.

Riders of the one-to-two seater cars were fastened in by seatbelt and experienced lateral forces of nearly 2.0 G.

Its track has required considerable weld repair during closed seasons in recent years.

Rumours of its forthcoming closure have been circulating online for much of the past decade.

‘Careful consideration’

Designed by engineer Frank Wright, the ride was constructed in-house by the Pleasure Beach themselves.

The Lancashire amusement park said that it has taken the decision following “careful consideration and planning”.

It said that an area had now been cleared for “exciting future developments”, as it also confirmed the removal of the former Trauma Towers fa├žade.

The Pleasure Beach will open the multiple-launch rollercoaster Icon, constructed by Mack Rides, this Spring.

13 Comments on "Blackpool Pleasure Beach: Wild Mouse removed"

  1. jordan welby | 11 January 2018 at 00:28 |

    Why Blackpool pleasure beach Demolished an older roller coaster they can build another one in place

  2. jordan welby | 10 January 2018 at 22:49 |

    The cars were scrapped ? Please reply soon if the cars has scrapped thank you Jordan welby the popular roller coaster at Blackpool pleasure beach the Pepsi Max Big one is the Highest Roller coaster in England

    • I’m afraid we do not have that information, Jordan.

      • jordan welby | 11 January 2018 at 00:20 |

        Ok Blackpool pleasure beach
        I’m coming in April I’m going on the new ride ICON I WILL shitting myself again I’m always frightened on that old roller coaster Wild Mouse I hit my leg it hurt badly in August with Jamie it also The Big One is a death trap down the hill
        Jordan welby

  3. Riley Hutchcraft | 8 January 2018 at 20:56 |

    Can I ask for clarification; is it just being dismantled, or is it being scrapped?
    Could it go to Dreamland Margate?

    • It has been dismantled and scrapped unfortunately, Riley.

      • Riley Hutchcraft | 13 January 2018 at 17:11 |

        I think that it’s incorrect that it’s been demolished. BPB are refusing to say about its whereabouts, which leads me to think that it hasn’t been. I’m sure they would be more likely to say if it was demolished. Also, “to dismantle” and “to demolish” have different meanings. The newspapers have used the demolished phrase incorrectly as the official statement does not say this.

  4. Warbi Fairground fan | 7 January 2018 at 23:45 |

    I can’t believe the Wild Mouse has been removed from Blackpool Pleasure Beach. One if the best & oldest rollercoasters if its kind in the World! BIG MISTAKE! They are ruining the Pleasure Beach – taking down the log flume, the reel, the whip (my personal fav) amongst others. I know space is limited but honestly a poor choice IMO. . They’ll close the Grand National next (my all time fav)! Not impressed!

  5. Wild Mouse is a huge loss to the industry, and I’m absolutely gutted to see it go. Whilst new developments are great, the Wild Mouse was truly a one of a kind ride, that can never be recreated in the future. Pleasure Beach have lost a huge part of what made the park so special, and no modern ride can ever replace that.

    On a personal level, the Mouse has provided me with many years of fun & laughter and was without question one of my favourite ever coasters; I’ve never known a ride with such incredibly unrestricted airtime, especially that last drop – brilliant!

    One thing I feel is important to mention. Pleasure Beach spent a lot of money on Wild Mouse last year with the installation of the new magnetic brake system, new evacuation walkways, and endless re-tracks/wood replacements throughout the season. It clearly was not their intention, at that time, to remove Wild Mouse in the near future.

    With that said, I do not abide with the terrible way the park have handled the closure and demolition of a much-loved ride which holds memories for so many people, it’s nothing short of a disgrace the way the ride has been unceremoniously torn down with no initial statement made to appease long standing fans of the ride or the park. In addition, the statement the park have since hurriedly released doesn’t even care to mention what a fantastic coaster it was, the history behind it or the legacy it left. It’s like they couldn’t wait to be rid of it, and has really showed the park in a new light for me :(

  6. An amazing vintage ride gone for good. Please don’t take away anything else!

  7. Noooo! that was one of the best rides in the park. Painful to ride, but great fun, and never much of a queue. Sad times.

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