Alton Towers to reopen Hex ride

Alton Towers

Alton Towers will reopen its Hex dark ride this season, after mothballing it during 2016.

The ride, a Vekoma Madhouse enclosed with the park’s famous ruins, will open when Alton Towers begins its operating season on 25 March.

It is understood to have received minor refurbishment and additional effects.

Hex was closed along with the Nemesis Sub-Terra and Charlie & The Chocolate Factory dark rides as park of cost saving measures implemented following the Smiler accident.

The two latter rides will remain closed during 2017, while the Twirling Toadstool and Ice Age 4D cinema attractions will also join the list of mothballed rides.

Alton Towers said that the Twirling Toadstood, a spinning chair ride, was subject to refurbishment.