Thorpe Park revamps Derren Brown’s Ghost Train

Derren Brown's Ghost Train

Thorpe Park is to relaunch its Derren Brown’s Ghost Train ride this year, describing a new experience as “deeper, darker and more intense”.

Opening mid-season last year, the ride has been dogged by delays and repeated guest evacuations due to technical breakdowns.

In a promotional video released tonight, which does not feature illusionist Brown but retains his name, the ride is subtitled ‘Rise of the Demon’.

The ride’s virtual reality technology will be the primary focus for the improvements, after numerous software and hardware failures plagued the ride during its début year.

Promotional posters for a “terrifying new destination” for the ride began to appear at Thorpe Park towards the end of last season.

Brown himself has made little public comment regarding the ride since the conclusion of promotional statements were made last year.