Council criticised over Pleasure Island closure

Boomerang at Pleasure Island, Cleethorpes

The owner of the closing Pleasure Island theme park has accused the local council of a lack of support for tourism in Cleethorpes.

Melanie Wood, whose attraction will open for the final time this Saturday, said that the town “lacks promotion” from North East Lincolnshire Council.

She told the Grimsby Telegraph: “There is no or very little budget, and Cleethorpes has suffered as a result.

“A lot of time and effort has been put into renewables and that is commendable but Cleethorpes has suffered.”

Wood said that her business was a “small enterprise” and did not have the “financial support of the larger places”.


Weather was also identified as being a factor in the park’s demise.

She said: “The weather did not help. Cleethorpes is on the North East coast and we get a lot harsher weather then other places.”

North East Lincolnshire councillor Peter Wheatley said the authority was “saddened” that Pleasure Island was closing.

“We are supporting its owners as they look at the future of the site. However, there is more to Cleethorpes than Pleasure Island.”

The park and its attractions will open for the final time this Saturday, when it will host a fireworks display.

A number of the park’s rides are already advertised on the used rides market.