An app that counts the rides you’ve been on

Auto Ride Count app

A mobile phone application has been launched that could have a certain appeal to theme park enthusiasts.

Are you one of these theme park fans that likes to count up how many rides they get on during a day’s trip?

Auto Ride Count can automatically recognise the rides that you go on and add them to a trip report for that day. Its use of GPS differentiates it from other ride-counting applications.

It also allows you to share the number of rides you have ridden on social networking sites, as well as being able to see the overall total number of rides you have ridden – which can be filtered by year and sorted by total etc.

The app’s creator Chris Cox developed the software a number of years ago.

“I started making the app a few years ago when I wanted a way of counting which rides I had been on and could not find a mobile app that could do that,” he says.

“I ended up releasing the app for Android devices a few months later, and after many years of requests for a version for iPhones, I released the iOS version at the end of last month.”

Chris says that he does not profit from the application, with it being free to download and not featuring in-app purchases or advertising.

“It would be great to get some greater awareness of the app in the theme park community,” he adds.

5,000 people have already taken to the idea and downloaded the app to their devices.