Alton Towers ends selected single rider queuing

NemesisAlton Towers has removed the single rider queues from the Nemesis, Nemesis Sub-Terra and Rita rides.

The park said that the Nemesis rollercoaster was able to “able to load and run quicker” without the feature.

The Nemesis Sub-Terra dark ride’s single rider queue was cited as being “ineffective”.

That ride will also now open two hours later each day, at 12 noon.

The Rita rollercoaster’s single rider queue has been changed to the entrance for the paid queue-advancing Fastrack ticket holders.

The Nemesis single rider queue’s adjacent position to the ride’s exit previously allowed for multiple re-riding in a short space of time, and proved popular with the ride’s enthusiasts.

The park said that the single rider queues would continued on selected rides as “demand warrants”.