Thorpe Park to get air link to Paris and Berlin

StealthMerlin Entertainments is to commission exclusive return flights to Thorpe Park from Paris and Berlin beginning this summer.

A return flight from the European capitals will cost 350 euros (£289) per person and includes coach transfers from Heathrow airport, as well as theme park admission.

The packages are to be marketed in France and Germany as “the ultimate fly-out day trip” and will begin on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 30 May.

According to Merlin, the first weekend of flights has been completely booked in the German capital Berlin, with Paris expected to follow suit in the coming days.

“Ultimate fly-out day trip”

A spokesman for the company said: “The German and French people are widely known for their love of theme parks.

“Merlin Entertainments is committed to opening up our magical worlds in the UK to people in Europe and ultimately across the world.

“With the power of flight making the world a much smaller place, we believe that the ultimate fly-out day trip will become a popular offering.”

Merlin is expected to expand the packages to its others theme parks next year, with Heathrow also serving Legoland Windsor and Chessington World of Adventures.

Birmingham Airport has reportedly been lined up to provide a link to Alton Towers when day trips from Australia and New Zealand begin in 2015.

2 Comments on "Thorpe Park to get air link to Paris and Berlin"

  1. Lovely idea, German and French people used to the brilliantly organised and highly-efficient Disneyland Paris and Europa Park, heading to Thorpe where they will encounter endless ride breakdowns, and queues that move at a snail’s pace.

  2. terrie varty | 1 April 2014 at 08:53 |

    Mmm great april fools , had me fooled till the day trip from australia and new zealand. Would be a great idea tho.

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