Chained Oak film completed on £500 budget

UploadA film based on the same local legend that inspired the Hex dark ride at Alton Towers has been produced on a £500 budget.

The Legend of the Chained Oak has this weekend been awarded best UK Short Film at the Stoke Your Fires film festival recognising local projects in Staffordshire.

The 30 minute film is based on the alleged curse made by a witch who was refused the charity of the Earl of Shrewsbury in the 19th century.

Durham-based filmmaker Dean Maynard co-produced the film with Staffordshire author Dan Weatherer, who also wrote its script.

On winning the award, Maynard said: “This is amazing news for everyone involved with the film and for anyone with a dream, to win an award with the budget and resources we had, is a minor miracle.”

The filmmakers are now hoping for a cinema release for the film.