Alton Towers reopens Oblivion rollercoaster

Oblivion / courtesy of M WellsAlton Towers has reopened the Oblivion rollercoaster following a period of technical problems.

The Bolliger & Mabillard ride, built in 1998, has been largely non-operational for around the last two weeks.

It was showing queue times in excess of one hour when it reopened on Tuesday.

Oblivion’s position in the X Sector area of the park – adjacent to new rollercoaster The Smiler – meant that its lack of availability increased queue times on other rides.

The ageing Enterprise flat ride in the same area has also been out of action in recent weeks, further increasing queues elsewhere.

Although the nature of the problems with Oblivion have not been confirmed by Alton Towers, it is widely suspected a component of the ride’s chain lift was affected.