39 stranded on Rameses Revenge at Chessington

39 people were stranded on the Rameses Revenge flat ride at Chessington World of Adventures this afternoon.

The fire brigade was called to the Surrey theme park at when the ride became stuck some 20 feet in the air, according to ITN reports.

Cutting equipment was used to free people from the ride’s restraints, in what is understood to have been a considerable safety incident.

A spokeswoman for the London Fire Brigade (LFB) told ITV News that they were called at 5:20pm, which is more than an hour after the ride failed.

The rescue operation was completed at around 8pm, with all 39 people being returned to the ground by the LFB.

‘Cutting people out’

Two people suffered anxiety-triggered asthma attacks, but no injuries have been reported following the incident.

LFB station manager Justin Coo said: “Firefighters are assisting the trapped people down from the ride, which is around 12 feet above a walkway

“We’re cutting people out of their restraints, walking them down the ride and helping them down a ladder to ground level.

“No injuries have been reported though a few people are understandably a bit uncomfortable as they’ve been stuck for some time. Firefighters are doing very well to get people down as quickly and safely as possible.”

Rameses Revenge was installed at Chessington in 1995 and is the same type of ride as Ripsaw at Alton Towers – a Top Spin model from German manufacturers Huss.

The ride is now likely to be out of operation for some time.