Smiler to be ‘most densley packed’ rollercoaster

The Smiler logoAlton Towers’ new ride The Smiler is to be the most densely packed rollercoaster in the world, according to its designer.

John Wardley – who formulated the ride’s layout – told Bolton FM: “We’ve packed more track per metre of space in this ride than any other rollercoaster in the world.”

However, this would not be the heavily-secluded world-first feature of the ride, which he said would not be revealed until the ride opens.

Wardley revealed generic information regarding some aspects of the ride, which will now open in May this year following construction delays.

He said: “The unique thing about it is, whereas rollercoasters in the past have just played around with your body, this ‘marmalises’ you.

“It plays around with your mind – there are five mind-manipulating elements that you experience – it’s more than just a physical rollercoaster.

Wardley, who’s last ride project before retirement will be The Smiler, said that “all sorts of inversions” and “special effects that disorientate you” would feature.

“It’s a mental experience as well as a physical experience,” he added.