Alton Towers launches SW7 marketing campaign

Smiler logo at Waterloo in London [from bicknaker on Instagram]Alton Towers has begun distributing the the logo of its forthcoming rollercoaster SW7 in various ways around the country.

A large projection of the ‘smiler’ logo was seen adjacent to Waterloo station in London and an image was posted to Instagram this evening.

The Daily Mail newspaper this morning carried an article reporting that the ‘smiler’ logo had been sprayed onto the wool of sheep.

The piece did not mention Alton Towers by name, which is the initial intent of the marketing campaign, which is being carried out in a way reminiscent of promotion for Oblivion in 1998.

Then also, images of the logo were distributed without being linked to Alton Towers for the first month of the campaign, with the ride’s name being released only two weeks in advance of opening.

Posters of the logo for SW7 – whose actual name has not been revealed – have appeared in train stations and public places around the country.

Construction delays

Delays with construction are understood to be seriously threatening the ride’s likelihood of being available when the park’s main season begins on 16 March.

The latest comment from Alton Towers is that they are working to have the ride ready for the “early part of the season”, stating there is no opening date set at present.

Testing and staff training are likely to prove key to when the ride is able to open, as there are strict guidelines in terms of the minimum duration of those processes.

Rumours of the ride containing a record number of conventional track inversions are growing, and would form the famous “world first” element Alton Towers typically attaches to its major rollercoasters.