Pleasure Island to launch farm-themed area in 2013

Pleasure Island is to open a new farm-themed area incorporating live animals and a revamp of its existing monorail ride.

£350,000 will be spent on the construction of the the farm, while £150,000 will be spent of converting the previously-up-for-sale monorail into a tractor theme.

The park’s owner, Melanie Wood, told the Grimsby Telegraph: “A lot of the money will be spent on adapting the two-and-a-half acres of land where the farm will be placed.

“The new tractor ride will last for about four minutes and will take people through and over the farm for an aerial view.

“The best thing about this new development is that it comes at no extra cost to the public. Ticket prices to enter the theme park will remain the same at £18.50; I just want to attract more people.”

The park and the new attraction will open next year on 29 March.