Chessington fall girl brought out of coma

The girl who fell from a ride queue at Chessington World of Adventures has been woken from an artificially-induced coma.

Five-year-old Jessica Blake fell approximately 14 feet from an elevated section of the Tomb Blaster ride’s queue line on 7 June.

The BBC has quoted her great aunt as saying: “She was put into a coma because obviously she was extremely distressed. She’s out of that coma now.

“I know she is getting better. She is doing well. She can’t walk. The left side of her body is affected because the right side of the brain was affected, obviously falling on her head.
“She’s got such a great little spirit this little girl. She just wants to get better,” she added.

The ride has remained closed since the incident, and an investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is ongoing.