2012’s new additions at a glance

With most major theme parks opening before the end of the month, we offer a quick reminder of what new additions will be coming your way in 2012.

Many parks are not in a position to bring major investments this year, but those that are will be after as much of the limelight as possible.

We’re only summarising major ride investments here. As ever, we’re keeping our thrillseeker values in mind when deciding what to mention.

Thorpe Park

A £20 million winged rollercoaster called The Swarm will be unveiled on 15 March.

Designed by Bolliger & Mabillard, it will be the second of such designs in the world and the first in the UK.

It will be themed around “apocalyptic devastation” and feature theming representing a crash scene of aircraft and emergency vehicles.

Alton Towers

18 years on from the launch of the Nemesis rollercoaster, the park is introducing a sister attraction based on the same alien storyline.

Simulated lifts and four small drop towers within an enclosed environment will simulate a deep-below-ground experience with the extraterrestrial creature.

An Ice Age 4D experience is also being brought to the Cloud Cuckoo Land area of the Staffordshire theme park.

Fantasy Island

It has been reported that this free-admission Lincolnshire park is working on a re-theme of one of its original dark rides.

The Toucan Tours enclosed monorail is expected to be transformed into a scare attraction named The Asylum this year.

Pleasurewood Hills

A 40-metre travelling drop tower model will introduced under the title of the Jolly Roger.

It is not the 60 metre ride that the park had originally obtained planning permission for, but this smaller addition is seen as a stop-gap until the original model can be.

The ride that is coming is expected to be manufactured by Fabbri, and will open in time for the start of the season.

The Norfolk park’s new French owners have signalled their intent to invest seven-figure sums in the park.

New Pleasureland Southport

We understand that the Jungle River log flume ride, previously located at Bridlington and involved in an accident last year, is to be relocated to Lancashire.

It will operate at New Pleasureland under the title of Piranha River and is expected to received theming base don the carnivorous fish.

The ride will have had a full inspection and deemed safe to operate during the closed season. It was not quarantined by the Health and Safety Executive following the incident last year.