March opening confirmed for 2012 Alton Towers ride

Alton Towers new ride will open for the first day of the theme park’s 2012 season on 24 March, it has been confirmed.

In a press release which identified the television personality Jack Osbourne as being appointed ‘Director of Fear’ at the resort, it was also revealed that the ride’s name has not yet been announced.

A tag line of ‘Nemesis – What Lies Beneath’ is currently being used by the park to refer to the ride in promotional material, which led many to believe this would be the ride’s name.

The indoor dark ride will be located in the Forbidden Valley area of the park, adjacent to the Nemesis rollercoaster.

It is understood to feature a cluster of four drop towers by ABC of Switzerland – similar to that of the Extremis drop ride located at the London Dungeon.

The attraction will be themed around a catacomb left by the alien creature associated with the original Nemesis back story from 1994.

Ice Age 4D

Another new attraction for 2012 has also been announced in the form of a 4D cinema experience.

Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs will also be rolled out at Gardaland in Italy after Merlin Entertainments secured a deal with the film’s creators 20th Century Fox.

The resort has also hinted that the seasonal Boiler House scare maze featured for the last time in 2011’s Halloween Scarefest, when they posted a message on Twitter stating that the attraction’s starring twins had finally been “caught” after several years.