Review: The Hoppings, Newcastle (2023)

The Hoppings, Town Moor, Newcastle
4 star review

The Hoppings fair has returned to Newcastle upon Tyne’s Town Moor and is in full swing as it concludes its post-Covid recovery.

Dating back to 1882, the fair is famed for being one of the largest funfairs in the UK, and is certainly one of the most impressive.

For a long time, the event was organised by the Freemen of Newcastle. It’s now under the management of Crow Events.

The Hoppings – this year back with an extra day – is as impressive as ever, home to several roller coasters including two spinning wild mouse rides.

Weekday afternoons can see very low numbers of people, giving a great opportunity to ride easily.

The Hoppings, Town Moor, Newcastle

Some of the UK’s largest travelling rides are also on the roster, with a number of spectacular thrill rides including Danter’s Air and Reeves’ Ice Jet.

There are also several Boosters, a Big Wheel, Star Flyers and numerous Ghost Trains and Fun Houses.


For those looking for a more sedate experience, there are more traditional funfair staples including one of the last touring Bingo attractions.

Giant novelty tiger prizes dangle perilously above the heads of the handful of willing punters gathered on this glorious day.

The Hoppings, Town Moor, Newcastle

A wealth of children’s rides can be found on the site amongst an incredible number of food concessions.

For fans of nostalgia, there are a number of traditional funfair experiences including a Carousel, Helter Skelter and a Cake Walk.

The sheer scale of The Hoppings on the giant Town Moor property allows the rides to be positioned in a way that it feels less claustrophobic than similar events in Hull and Nottingham.

It remains one of the best funfairs in the UK, the sheer scale of the offering and the variety of the attractions on offer is hard to beat.

This year’s Hopping’s runs on Newcastle’s Town Moor until 25 June.