Review: Twistatron at Alton Towers


Alton Towers is now in its third season of adding temporary travelling rides to bolster guest satisfaction ratings.

This year saw the Roller Disco waltzers removed from the Dark Forest and Twistatron being added to the X Sector.

The new ride is situated on the site of the former Enterprise ride, which was removed last season after decades of operation in Staffordshire.

At first observation, Twistatron – a ‘Star Fighter’ custom-built spinning flat from Funfair-Scotland – resembles the classic Mexican Hat model rides (or Wipeouts/Trabants).

The Retro Squad, as these collection of spinning flats are called by Alton Towers in 1980s-themed marketing, has an unclear future.

Understood to have been introduced as part of COVID-19 restrictions, they remain despite the park being back up to full capacity these days.

Interesting new diversion

Twistatron, while not as intense as its X Sector neighbour Spinjam, is an interesting new diversion for 2023.

High-tempo cover versions of rock and pop classics play as the Mellors Group operator starts the ride cyclce.

There is moderate intensity but increasing speed, as you both spin and go up and down simultaneously.

The outward-facing seat design on this model is much more comfortable than the classic Mexican Hats, where someone always had to be nominated to be squashed by those sitting on the inside.

But of course the ride cycle is very short, something which is often forgotten by those calling for more flat rides at large theme parks.

Overall, the Retro Squad allows Alton Towers to freshen up its support line-up each and every season.

While the fairground vibes and music do irritate some due to the obvious clashes with the themes of the park’s areas, at least these guest rides allow for more people to get more out of their day at the park.

The Retro Squad may of course belong in another place (and time), but they are also a nod to Alton Towers’ foundations, i.e. being built off the back of such rides.