Mandrill Mayhem: Ride has 1.2 metre restriction

Mandrill Mayhem, Chessington World of Adventures

Chessington World of Adventures has announced that its forthcoming rollercoaster, Mandrill Mayhem, will have a 1.2 metre height restriction for riders.

During the consultation phase for the Bolliger & Mabillard-built ride, planners repeatedly stated that it would have a 1.4 metre restriction.

But announcing the World of Jumanji area on Tuesday, Chessington said that riders “from 1.2 metres tall” will “experience twists, turns and be flipped upside down”.

The reverse-launched wing coaster will operate on a shuttle circuit. The train will seat 28 guests across seven rows, with the back row having four rear-facing seats.


The ride’s official opening date has not yet been announced, although RideRater understands that a previous March opening target has been missed.

The reverse-launch track outside of the station has not yet been completed, nor has much of the landscaping of the wider World of Jumanji area.

Chessington said that bookings for new Jumanji-themed rooms would be available for dates starting on 1 April, which it said was “ahead” of the new themed area opening.

The World of Jumanji will also feature two flat rides named Ostrich Stampede and Mamba Strike when it opens in Spring.

Chessington said that the area’s opening date was “to be announced”. It was known as Project Amazon during the consultation and early construction stages.