London Dungeon apologises for ‘vegan ban’

London Dungeon

The London Dungeon has apologised for a publicity stunt in which it claimed to have banned vegans during the month of January.

The original marketing release was a response to the vegan initiative ‘Veganuary’, which encourages people to go animal product-free each year.

It cited support for the fictional Mrs Lovett, whose pies were made from the victims of Sweeney Todd. Both characters feature in the London Dungeon.

But following some criticism, including from animal rights charity PETA UK, the Dungeon has now confirmed that the ban was not genuine and apologised.

A spokesperson told My London: “Mrs Lovett has been a long standing, popular feature of the attraction given her well documented association with Sweeney Todd and questionable meat pies, so this January we are exploring the role she played in London’s dark history in more detail.

“We apologise for any upset this may have caused and would like to reassure guests that this is not a genuine exclusion as we welcome everyone to explore London’s gruesome history at the London Dungeon.”