Colossus: Thorpe Park re-tracking rollercoaster

Colossus, Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park has confirmed that it is undertaking staged track replacement work to the Colossus rollercoaster.

However, the Surrey theme park has said that the 2002-built ride’s trains and rider restraints would not be changed at this time.

Posting on Facebook, an official group message said that it was intended that the Intamin-build rollercoaster – formerly an inversion record holder – would be “smoother” as a result of the work.

“We hope this will provide a smoother rider experience,” a message read.

Colossus’ trains have attracted some criticism for being uncomfortable to many riders, but Thorpe Park said there were “no plans” to replace the trains or their restraints.

The park added that the work, which will take place over several closed seasons, would “prolong the life” of the 10-looping rollercoaster.

The re-tracking is not expected to see Colossus close for any part of the Thorpe Park’s normal operating calendar.