Review: Inside Legoland, Channel 5

Inside Legoland: A World of Wonder
4 star review

Inside Legoland: A World of Wonder premiered on Channel 5 in the UK tonight.

It is a new four-part series which goes behind the scenes at Legoland Windsor, which is operated by Merlin Entertainments.

We meet Will, who is a bright-eyed new recruit at the park, taking his dream job as a Lego model maker.

He featured regularly in the episode, as he happily settles into his new role.

With Merlin and Legoland themselves promoting the documentary in advance, you might be forgiven for thinking it would paint a positively-censored image.

But that isn’t the case. Among the good stuff, we are shown breakdowns, evacuations, complaints and first aid cases.

And there is technical detail too, when we see how temperatures above 30°C can cause track buckling on the Legoland Express light railway.

The programme is also a reminder that Legoland is one of the best-themed attractions in the UK.

Inside Legoland is an honest, varied and interesting account of a theme park.

Inside Legoland: A World of Wonder continues on Sunday evenings at 8pm on Channel 5.