Flamingo Land to add 10-inversion rollercoaster

Multi Inversion Coaster, Intamin

Flamingo Land is to add a 10-inversion Intamin rollercoaster similar to that of Colossus at Thorpe Park, Ride Rater understands.

It is expected to be positioned on the site of the former Corkscrew rollercoaster, which was removed after the 2011 season.

Flamingo Land has not yet announced the ride’s arrival, with its opening date also unknown at this time.

The North Yorkshire theme park has cleared a number of small rides from part of the ride’s expected site, which extends beyond the original Corkscrew site, into an area north of the park’s entrance plaza.

‘Unused ride’

The actual identity of the new Flamingo Land ride is not known by Ride Rater, beyond it being a 10-inversion Multi Inversion Coaster model from Swiss manufacturers Intamin.

There has however been considerable speculation online that the new ride will be a rollercoaster ordered by the Brazillian theme park Hopi Hari.

That ride was delivered in 2011, but never erected due to the park’s financial difficulties, according to the RCDB website. It has remained in storage since

Colossus was the world’s first 10-inversion rollercoaster when it opened at Thorpe Park in 2002.

It retained the inversion record for 11 years, until the opening of the 14-inversion Smiler at Alton Towers in 2013.