Blackpool Tower revamp to ‘attract 800,000 visitors’

The general manager of the Blackpool Tower and its new attractions has said she expects 800,000 people to visit the attraction each year.

In an interview with the BBC, the tower’s first-ever female boss Kate Shane said that the £10 million renovation will render the tower “unrecognisable” to its previous self.

“It’s going to be unrecognisable, a total refurbishment and renovation. Visitors who have been before won’t recognise it and new visitors will be amazed,” she said.

“Bringing new people in, that brings new money in, more investment, better jobs, a better economy. I want it to be a similar experience to going to New York’s Empire State Building.”

The new attractions, including the Blackpool Tower Eye – an observation experience at the structure’s top – and a Dungeon attraction, are due to open on 1 September.

Merlin Entertainments entered into a deal with Blackpool Council to renovate the tower and also bring a new Madame Tussauds attraction to the town, which opened earlier this year.