Vekoma taken over by Japan’s Sansei Technologies

Dutch ride manufacturer Vekoma has been taken over by Japanese counterpart Sansei Technologies.

In a press release, Sansei described the acquisition as “the beginning of a new chapter in Vekoma’s development”.

Formed in 1926, Vekoma began life as a manufacturer of agriculture equipment, and later coal mining infrastructure.

In the 1970s, the company moved into amusement park rides, and in the preceding decades its ride models became a first choice at Disney parks.

The company’s Corkscrew and Boomerang rollercoasters were a mainstay of British amusement parks for decades.

“With the acquisition by Sansei, Vekoma can now further expand its leading position in the worldwide market of rollercoasters and other amusement park attractions,” the press release added.

The conditions of the acquisition stipulate that no changes may be made to strategy, management or employees.

Vekoma will continue to be based in the Netherlands, and its governance structure will remain “virtually unchanged”, while management will “remain in tact”.