Wicker Man: Much of fire ‘actually an illusion’

Wicker Man logo

Alton Towers has confirmed that “much of” the fire effects on the forthcoming Wicker Man rollercoaster will be illusions.

The ride is being marketed as been as the world’s first rollercoaster experience “fusing” wood and fire.

In a safety video released by the park, Health and Safety Director Steve Woods says that most of the rides flames would not be real.

“Much of what will appear to be real fire is actually an illusion created by special effects,” he said.

“There is absolutely no danger to our guests in those areas.”

It is not known if the widely-used FauxFire system, developed by the Technifex company, will be used on the ride.

Featuring in Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Valhalla ride, the system uses steam and speciality lighting to simulate the effect of flames.