Previewing the Blackpool Tower Dungeon

As the 1 September opening date for the Blackpool Tower Dungeon nears, we take a look at what ghastly goings on will feature inside.

For those that have visited the other Dungeon attractions around the country, much of the content will be familiar to you, but for those not wanting to know what’s inside, we’d sugest not reading further.

Scenes featuring the plague, torture methods and courtroom are all here.

As Merlin continue to roll out their midway attractions around the country, and indeed the world, many aspects of their content is repeated.

But there are local elements, as there are in the fellow Dungeon attractions at London, York, Edinburgh and Warwick Castle.

The Skippool Creek Smugglers and the Pendle Witch Trials feature in shows created especially for the Blackpool attraction.

There also appears to be a new element to begin the experience, with an elevator ride taking guests below ground level.

The Blackpool Tower Dungeon content

1. The Elevator to Hell
2. The Dark Chapel
3. The Great Plague
4. The Torture Chamber
5. Judgement of Sinners
6. Labyrinth of the Lost
7. Vikings of the North
8. Skippool Smugglers
9. Pendle Witches
10. Extremis: Drop Ride to Doom

Entry to the Blackpool Tower Dungeon is charged at £9.60 when booked online in advance.

Auditions for the live actor roles are taking place in July.