16,000 sign petition after Nick Varney interview

Kay BurleyA petition calling for the sacking of a Sky News journalist who interviewed the Merlin Entertainments CEO has attracted more than 16,000 signatures.

Kay Burley, who is a founding member of the news channel, interviewed Nick Varney in the wake of the Smiler ride accident at Alton Towers.

She was widely criticised for repeatedly asking Varney the same question regarding other rides’ safety.

During the fourteen minute exchange, she continually interrupted Varney during his responses, and cited that the feature was “an interview, rather than just a statement”.

Burley also quizzed Varney on how the Health and Safety Executive would technically perform testing on the Smiler’s trains.

She also asked the Merlin boss if one of the injured riders had “lost a limb”, to which he said that was “absolutely personal information”.

Petition creator Gareth Pugh said of Burley: “This interviewing is an embarrassment to Sky News, she was rude and patronising not giving him chance to explain.”