2007 Alton Towers Muslim day article circulating

Alton Towers ruinsA 2007 article reporting a proposed Muslim-only day at Alton Towers is again circulating on social networks and elsewhere on the internet.

Links to the page on The Sun’s website are widely being distributed on Twitter, Facebook and on internet forums and are often accompanied by anti-Islamic comments.

The story was originally written following the hiring of the theme park by Islamic Leisure, however the event did not go ahead due to a lack of interest.

The sensationalised article – which clearly states it was last updated on 3 August 2007 – has occasionally been redistributed in this manner before.

Alton Towers said at the time that the park was available to hire by any organisation, and made no distinction between any sexuality, religious, ethnic or lifestyle choices.

Following increased tensions in the weeks following the radical Islamist attacks in Woolwich, the re-emergence of the Sun article is likely to be seen as an attempt to further increase Islamic resentment.