UK Statistics

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This page contains UK Top 5 rankings of various statistical categories of rides and theme parks.

Note that while some figures are in dispute, the below statistics are accurate to the best of RideRater’s independent knowledge and research. All information is subject to periodic review and correction.

Statistics last updated 2 July 2022.



RollercoasterTheme ParkHeight*
1Big OneBlackpool Pleasure Beach213 ft (65 m)
2StealthThorpe Park205 ft (62 m)
3OdysseyFantasy Island167 ft (51 m)
4MillenniumFantasy Island150 ft (46 m)
5SwarmThorpe Park127 ft (38 m)
*Measured from above ground level at the base of the ride’s highest point.

Track Length

 RollercoasterTheme ParkTrack Length
1Big OneBlackpool Pleasure Beach1.04 miles (1.68 km)
2SmilerAlton Towers0.73 miles (1.17 km)
3IconBlackpool Pleasure Beach0.71 miles (1.14 km)
4Fforest CoasterZip World Fforest0.67 miles (1.04 km)
5Grand NationalBlackpool Pleasure Beach0.63 miles (1.01 km)

Top Speed

RollercoasterTheme ParkTop Speed
1StealthThorpe Park80 mph (129 kph)
2Big OneBlackpool Pleasure Beach74 mph (119 kph)
3OblivionAlton Towers68 mph (109 kph)
4OdysseyFantasy Island63 mph (101 kph)
5RitaAlton Towers61 mph (98 kph)

Inversions Per Cycle

RollercoasterTheme ParkInversions
1Smiler*Alton Towers14
2ColossusThorpe Park10
2SikFlamingo Land10
3WipeoutPleasurewood Hills6
4InfusionBlackpool Pleasure Beach5
4OdysseyFantasy Island5
4SwarmThorpe Park5
*Also a current world record holder.

Drop Angle

RollercoasterTheme ParkDrop Angle
1Mumbo JumboFlamingo Land112°
2Saw – The RideThorpe Park100°
3RageAdventure Island97°
3Speed: No LimitsOakwood97°
4OblivionAlton Towers87.5°


 RollercoasterTheme ParkYear Opened
1Scenic RailwayDreamland Margate1920
2Big DipperBlackpool Pleasure Beach1923
3Roller CoasterGreat Yarmouth Pleasure Beach1932
4Nickelodeon StreakBlackpool Pleasure Beach1933
5Blue FlyerBlackpool Pleasure Beach1934


Construction Cost

 RideTheme ParkOriginal Cost2021 Equivalent*
1OdysseyFantasy Island£28 million (2002)£48.5 million
2MonorailAlton Towers£15 million (1987)£44.9 million
3MillenniumFantasy Island£15 million (1999)£27.7 million
4Big OneBlackpool Pleasure Beach£13 million (1994)£27.5 million
5ValhallaBlackpool Pleasure Beach£15 million (2000)£26.9 million
*Figures based on inflation of original cost to 2021.

Theme Parks

Total Rollercoasters

Theme ParkTotal Rollercoasters
1Alton Towers10
1Blackpool Pleasure Beach10
1Flamingo Land10
2Thorpe Park7
3Paultons Park6

Admission Charge

Theme ParkAdmission Charge*
1Alton Towers£65
2Legoland Windsor£62
3Thorpe Park£59
4Chessington World of Adventures£57
5Flamingo Land£49
*Denotes the maximum admission price charged for adults without discounts, typically the ‘on-the-day’ rate.

Resort Area

 Theme ParkResort Area*
1Alton Towers910 acres (1.42 square miles)
2Flamingo Land375 acres (0.59 square miles)
3Brean Theme Park200 acres (0.31 square miles)
4Drayton Manor180 acres (0.28 square miles)
5Lightwater Valley175 acres (0.27 square miles)
*Includes accommodation and/or entertainment areas.