Competition: Lightwater Valley ticket winners revealed

It’s congratulations to Mark Stott and Brandon Lovely, who have each won a pair of tickets to Lightwater Valley following their entries in our latest competition.

The North Yorkshire theme park kindly donated two pairs of tickets to Ride Rater for the competition, in which we asked you for your memories of your favourite ride from Lightwater Valley’s past.

Mark, from North Yorkshire, nominated the Devil’s Cascade (later Toad Hole) water chute. He said: “Where else in the world could you ride a skip on a rope?!”

South Shields-based Brandon misses the Rat Ride (or Sewer Rat), which was re-themed into Raptor Attack last year. He said: “I used to love creeping down the dark narrow wet tunnels while holding my mum’s hand.

“We boarded the black rat-themed car and shot off into the darkness waching the glow of the red eyes of a large rat beaming down on us and then all of a sudden we would slam into the brake run, then as we exit the rat car we ran into the light skipping along the sewers.

“My mum and dad told me stories of when they where young there used to be plastic rats popping out of the holes and you used to open two red doors to enter the tunnels. The Rat Ride will be a well-remembered ride for me and was a great part of my childhood!”

We’d like to thank everyone who entered the competition. We read and enjoyed all of your entries!