Alton Towers plans partially-submerged dark ride for 2012

A planning application submitted by Alton Towers reveals that a partially-submerged dark ride is proposed for the Forbidden Valley area of the park next year.

It will be situated on the former site of the Dynamo ride, currently inhabited by the Lava Lump and Body Zorb attractions, which will be removed at the end of this season.

The documents show that a building approximately 11 metres (36 feet) tall will be constructed, with six metres of that sitting in an excavated area below ground level.

The building will be 29 metres long and 12 metres wide, and will be themed in accordance with the current post-apocalyptic concept of Forbidden Valley – with a corrugated and distressed steel façade.

It is not yet known what type of ride the building will house, although there is considerable enthusiast speculation that several drop towers will feature.