Thorpe Park charged over alleged assault by security

A man is pressing charges against Thorpe Park, following alleged heavy handling by security personnel after an incident at the site.

Michael Orlebar, 31, has told his story to black community newspaper The Voice.

He claims that he intervened when he witnessed park security staff wrestle a 13-year-old boy to the ground with unnecessary force on 15 August.

Orlebar, who is a care worker and was supervising a group of children on a visit to the park, said he witnessed up to six grown men force the boy he was accompanying to the ground with their hands around his throat.

When he confronted the security team, he was allegedly detained by them and was handed over to police.

A spokesman for theme park said: “We are aware of this incident and are concerned about what has happened. A full investigation is underway and appropriate action will be taken where necessary.”

Thorpe Park is known for its highly visible and numerous security personnel, which are dressed in a similar fashion to British police officers dealing with crowd control.