YouTuber of the Year 2020: The Results

RideRater YouTuber of the Year

In a most unusual year for the UK theme park industry, the work of enthusiasts on YouTube has still been better than ever.

Throughout December, and for the first time in this way, our team have been reviewing the work of UK theme park YouTubers in order to determine who should enter our Hall of Fame for 2020.

After much deliberation, we have decided on a Top 10. Here we count down from 10th to 1st Place, whom will be the winner of this year’s award.

10th Place: Dominic Gardner

Dominic builds up to his vlogs well in advance, and they often feature plenty of fun, including dress-up introductions. There were plenty of beers and dancing at Oktoberfest among the many laughs had during the season.

9th Place: Jack Silkstone

Jack’s reactions and bantering with his friends earn him a popular following among theme park enthusiasts. He also mixes moments of reflection after he’s been on a ride or attraction, and has his collaborators also contribute their thoughts.

8th Place: Theme Park World Tour

Theme Park World Tour always make the effort to bring in other YouTubers and personalities to feature in their lengthy vlogs, which feature comprehensive coverage of their park visits.

7th Place: DigitalDan

DigitalDan provides a solid mix of covering his travels to UK parks with regular doses of humour. His snappy edits are a great trademark feature of his videos.

6th Place: Theme Park Worldwide

Our inaugural winner as voted by you in 2018, Theme Park Worldwide continue to live up to their name with extensive coverage, naturally including more focus on the UK this year given the challenges of the pandemic.

5th Place: ScrewyLoops

After transitioning from Backseat Blackout a couple of years ago, ScrewyLoops’ Chris has continued to produce excellent comedic takes on rides and attractions, with many great cross-collaborations to boot.

4th Place: Fishul

Fishul’s style of short vlogs, featuring excellent humour and the odd four-letter word, have once again made him a standout on the scene during 2020.

3rd Place: Pleasure Beach Experience

Primarily covering Blackpool’s famous amusement park, Pleasure Beach Experience have provided in-depth coverage of all the goings on there. All of the park’s developments have been covered in their excellent updates throughout the season.

2nd Place: Coaster Bot

Our runner-up is our winners from last year, Coaster Bot. Their epic charity efforts this year, as well as their usual informative, clever and funny videos kept them a strong contender for 2020.

1st Place: ParkSpill

Our YouTuber of the Year is ParkSpill. Following their winning of Best Newcomer in the Clamshell Awards, we too felt that their epic production was worthy of entering our Hall of Fame as 2020 winners.