Coaster Bot raises money for NHS charities

Coaster Bot

Theme park YouTube channel Coaster Bot has raised more than £2,000 for National Health Service charities in an 8-hour live broadcast.

The video stream featured a number of guest theme park enthusiasts, with quizzes and competitions also being held.

The event, held between 16:00 and 00:00 on Saturday, came about amidst the current COVID-19 global pandemic.

“During these crazy times we feel it’s important to support the NHS and the key workers on the front line,” Coaster Bot said before the event.

Coaster Bot, who you voted RideRater YouTuber of the Year in 2019, beat their initial £500 target just over half an hour into the broadcast, before the goal was repeatedly extended up to £2,000.

By the time the broadcast ended at midnight, the total raised stood at £2,113.

‘Huge thanks’

Speaking to RideRater in the final hour of the event, Coaster Bot said: “We’re completely blown away by the response the stream has had from the community.

“It’s crazy that we have managed to raise so much money today and we are so grateful to every single person who has donated.

“A huge thanks goes to all our guests and those who took the time to send us a video to include during the intermissions.

“In these uncertain times it’s so great to see the community come together and support those who are working on the front line.

“We really didn’t expect this kind of reaction to the stream but we’ve had a blast today and can’t thank everyone enough for getting involved!”

You can still donate to Coaster Bot’s cause, NHS Charities Together, at