Lightwater Valley: Twister rollercoaster leaving

Twister rollercoaster, Lightwater Valley

Lightwater Valley is to remove the Twister rollercoaster ahead of its 2020 season, RideRater understands.

The news comes after a boy fell from the ride last year, sustaining serious injuries. It has since remained closed.

The spinning mouse style rollercoaster, has reportedly been purchased by a travelling showman and will enter the fairground circuit.

Lightwater Valley has not yet confirmed the Twister’s departure, although it has been removed from its website.

The North Yorkshire park has not yet announced any new ride arrivals ahead of its 2020 season, which begins on 4 April.

Earlier on 1 February, this article mentioned reports of the removal of the Apollo tower swing ride, which RideRater now understands as not being the case in 2020.