YouTuber of the Year 2019: Coaster Bot

RideRater YouTuber of the Year

Coaster Bot has been voted by RideRater’s followers as their YouTuber of the Year 2019.

The channel, which combines factual and vlogging content, beat last year’s winners Theme Park Worldwide in the second round of voting.

Coaster Bot secured 53% of the vote to Theme Park Worldwide’s 47%.

Coaster Bot won with a 6% majority over Theme Park Worldwide

Last week, none of the award’s 14 nominees managed to hit the required 50% majority in the first round of voting.

Theme Park Worldwide topped the first round with 27%, with Coaster Bot taking 19%.

The award requires a majority (i.e. over 50%) of the vote to win, with a second round of voting taking place between the top two if the threshold isn’t reached.

Coaster Bot now enters our Hall of Fame, as the second winner of the award.

Congratulations to our winner, and we thank all nominees for their fantastic YouTube contributions in 2019.