SW8: ‘Wicker Man theme’ for Alton Towers ride

Wicker Man logo

Alton Towers is expected to theme its forthcoming wooden rollercoaster on a ‘Wicker Man’ concept, following a trademark application.

Lane IP Limited, whose clients include the theme park’s operator Merlin Entertainments, filed a trademark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office on Wednesday.

The associated graphic is consistent with the theme and colouring on Alton Towers official page for SW8 – the codename of the ride.

A large central theming object has been positioned on site as the rollercoaster’s construction continues, although it remains covered at this time.

The ride will be positioned on the site of the former Flume water ride, and is expected to open in March 2018.

‘World class experience’

The world ‘wicker’ describes objects woven from natural substances such as bamboo or reed.

A wicker man was a large statue reportedly used in ancient Celtic culture as sacrificial objects burned as effigies.

Horror films under the title of ‘The Wicker Man’ were produced in 1973 and 2006, although SW8 is not expected to be linked to any film production company.

The Great Coasters International-built ride has been described as a “world class experience” in promotional statements released by Alton Towers.

The park’s previous ‘Secret Weapon’ rollercoasters have – since Oblivion in 1998 – been marketed as “world’s first” attractions containing unique elements.