Ayr fairground ride accident injures five

Move It Tagada

Five children have been injured when a ride seat reportedly detached at a fairground in Ayr.

A 16-year-old boy was treated for several broken ribs and a 16-year-old girl for a fractured wrist and facial injuries, ITV news reported.

All five of the injured have now been released from hospital.

The incident occurred at around 2130 on Saturday night, on the tagada-style Move It ride.

The tagada design features circular bench-style seating on a spinning platform which combines with bouncing motions that can unseat riders.

The ride remains closed as the Health and Safety Executive and Ayrshire Police undertake a joint investigation.

‘Snapped off’

Eyewitness David Johnson was quoted in the Daily Express newspaper as saying: “My friends were on the ride and the bit you sit on snapped off and my friends went flying off it.

“One of them had a split open head and there was blood running down the back of his neck.

“After it had crashed off the side it broke a metal railing and the ride was still going for at least another 15 seconds.”

Patrick White gave aid to the injured and said in a Facebook post that a section of the ride “broke and came off”.

Police Chief Inspector Brian Shaw said, “This was a frightening experience for those involved and those who witnessed last night’s incident at the fairground.

“Thankfully nobody was seriously injured and enquiries are underway to establish what exactly has happened here.”