Chessington offers ‘rainy day guarantee’

Chessington World of Adventures will offer free return entry to visitors if it rains for more than half an hour on any day until 22 July.

The Surrey theme park’s ‘Rainy Day Guarantee’ enables guests who are caught up in wet weather to return for free during September, but the offer only applies to those that have booked tickets online.

Terms on the Chessington website state: “If it rains continuously for 30 minutes or more at Chessington World of Adventures Resort on the day of your visit between 02/07/2011 – 22/07/2011, and you booked your ticket on you will be entitled to return for a FREE visit between 01/09/2011 – 30/09/2011.

“Weather conditions will be recorded by Chessington World of Adventures Resort and our decision will be final.”