10 injured as M&D’s Tsunami rollercoaster derails

M&D's Tsunami rollercoaster accident

10 people have been injured after the Tsunami rollercoaster at Scotland’s M&D’s theme park derailed.

A train from the Pinfari-manufactured ride left the track and crashed to the ground shortly after 15:30 on Sunday.

Eight children and two adults are being treated in hospital, with the BBC reporting that one adult and one child are in stable condition and three children are expected to be allowed home later.

Nine people were riding the rollercoaster when its train left the track. It is understood that a bystander was struck by the train as it hit the ground.

Photographs by eyewitnesses depict the train rested in a partially upside down position, with stranded riders’ legs in the air.

M&D’s was evacuated and will remain closed until further notice, the park said.

‘Struck superstructure, then ground’

Chief Inspector David Bruce said: “On arrival it became clear a series of five gondolas connected on a train on the Tsunami ride have detached from the rails.”

M&Ds Tsunami wheel assembly

A wheel assembly was seen detached from the train

He added that the train struck “the superstructure” of the ride, and then the ground.

Police have also put the fall the train made at “under 20 feet”.

Photographs have emerged on social media which indicate that the derailed train left the tracks and landed on a coin-operated children’s motorbike attraction.

Media appearing to depict several sheared-off wheel assemblies lying on the ground have also appeared online.

The Health and Safety Executive is understood to have issued an immediate prohibition notice, which will see the ride effectively quarantined while an investigation is undertaken.