Nine stranded on M&Ds coaster for hours

Nine people were left stranded for up to eight hours when the inverted rollercoaster Tsunami stopped on its lift hill at M&Ds in Scotland.

The Pinfari-made ride came to a halt at the top of the chain-driven lift hill, 65 feet above ground at around 16:30 on Sunday afternoon.

A spokesperson for M&D’s said: “We can confirm that the lift chain broke on The Tsunami rollercoaster which immediately caused the ride’s safety systems to bring the ride safely to a halt.”

Rescuing of those on board was undertaken by police rope access technicians using a rescue method which takes considerable time to execute, with the process not being completed until 00:45 on Monday.

The BBC were told by one of those on board the train that no information regarding the incident, or an apology, were offered to them by the park.