Galactica stoppage: How the media responded

Galactica stoppage, 2 May 2016

Media outlets are well-known for sensationalising routine theme park occurrences, and Monday’s stoppage of Alton Towers’ Galactica ride was no different.

The virtual reality-themed former Air rollercoaster briefly stopped on a lift hill when heavy rain triggered a routine system stoppage.

Here we take a look at some of the best headlines and quotes from newspapers and other media organisations.

“Thrill-seekers were left hanging upside down as the Air Galactica ride came to a halt when it reached the top of the first loop”
The Sun

“Visitors were heard screaming for help as they got stuck 65ft in the air on the stranded Galactica ride – some fearing they would fall out if their harnesses gave way”
Independent Online (South Africa)

“Broken-down rollercoaster causes panic at park”
The Week

“Panicked passengers on a roller coaster at Alton Towers were left stuck in the air for thirty minutes”
Daily Telegraph

“The attraction shuddered to a halt”
Birmingham Mail

“Riders were left fearing they may fall out when it abruptly came to a halt in front of busy Bank Holiday crowds”
Daily Mail

“At one point an Alton Towers worker scaled the ride to reassure the trapped visitors that everything was going to be okay”
9 News (Australia)

“Terrified riders were left stranded upside down in mid-air”
The Guardian

“Thrillseekers were left dangling”
Sky News

“One of Britain’s most popular theme parks faced another setback”
CNBC (United States)

“The riders were heard frantically screaming and shouting for help after getting stuck”
Daily Express

“A member of staff had to climb up to comfort them and calm them down after the rollercoaster, which opened in March, broke down during a heavy rain shower”
Daily Mirror

“Park bosses were forced to shut it for the day”
Daily Star

2 Comments on "Galactica stoppage: How the media responded"

  1. simply pathetic – that is all.
    and the idiots who belive what they are reading – specially from tripe like the sun , mail, star etc are just as stupid.

  2. This kind of thing drives me up the wall. After the Smiler incident Newspapers will do anything they can to relate the smallest thing back to it. What’s worse, the majority of the readers believe what they’re being told! The comments on the Daily Mail article were full of people demanding for the park to be shut down?! They don’t seem to realise this kind of thing happens all the time at theme parks over the world. People over exaggerate things way too much, it’s honestly frustrating. Merlin have held their hands up for the Smiler incident, time to move on!

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