Editorial: Smiler victims need better guidance

Smiler crash victims attend court

It is time that the seriously injured victims of Alton Towers’ Smiler rollercoaster accident were helped to move on with their lives properly.

It would appear that they are being poorly advised – and possibly even encouraged – to continuously relive the horrendous accident.

The numerous television appearances and newspaper interviews where they are asked for their views on the latest happenings with the ride are not helping them to make peace with what happened.

There was also no sense in the victims attending court yesterday.

If they weren’t aware that Merlin Entertainments would be pleading guilty, their representatives should have made them aware.

There will be no trial, no gruelling process of Merlin fighting the case, and therefore no show of strength from the victims is necessary.

While Merlin’s apologies, offers of support and admission of guilt can never make up for what happened, there is nothing more that could be realistically asked of the company.

While the bloodsucking publicists and lawyers will be long gone once they’ve extracted what they can, the victims will still have a great deal of moving on to do in order to rebuild their lives.

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  1. I really do not think that it is for any of us in the enthusiast community to comment on how the victims are handling the situation, or to comment on how the quality of advice they are receiving. Furthermore, it most certainly is not for us to say whether there was any sense in them attending court, or the motives of their publicists and lawyers.

    Of the five seriously injured victims, some have done numerous media interviews, others have done very few. I see no evidence that any of them have been doing anything more than they felt comfortable doing.

  2. They seem to have some personal vendetta against the ride and seem to want it closed/shut down. Totally crazy considering it wasn’t the ride that was at fault – it was the person operating it. Machines only do what they’re told to do and in this case it was told to restart after it automatically turned off.

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