Alton Towers confirms ride mothballing

Alton Towers ruins

Alton Towers has confirmed that five of its rides will remain closed when the theme park begins its 2016 season on 19 March.

The Hex, Nemesis Sub-Terra and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory rides will be “unavailable” until further notice.

The Driving School and Wobble World attractions will also remain closed for an unspecified period.

The TowersStreet website reported last year that all four rides would not feature throughout 2016, although Alton Towers has not yet confirmed the duration of the closures.

The park’s website simply states that the rides are “unavailable” while it “sprinkles some towers loving care around the theme park”.

However, all five attractions are absent the park’s 2016 promotional map.

The news follows the earlier confirmation that the Flume and Ripsaw rides are being removed permanently, operating for the final time last season.

The removal of a total of seven attractions from the park’s 2016 season lineup has caused considerable controversy, following the emergence that its admission price is to rise to £51.60.

The Towers Loving Care programme has seen the repainting and refurbishment of several structures in the theme park, including the Nemesis rollercoaster, footpaths and buildings.